Classes are Available Online or on Campus in Washington DC

The Department of Art offers two baccalaureate courses of study: one leading to a B.A. in Art History, another leading to a B.A. in Studio Art. Together, these programs are devoted to nurturing the production and understanding of artistic expression with the belief that art and culture are one, and that exposure to the visual arts is an essential component of every liberal education.

Art — contemporary and historical — is a visual record of human civilization, expressing and preserving humanity's most vibrant, profound and cherished experiences, feelings, and beliefs. In the Department of Art at The Catholic University of America, we celebrate artistic expression in studio and in history. 

  • Art 211: History of Art I - 3 credits, Synchronous

    A survey of Western art from prehistory to the Middle Ages. Assists the student in a visual and critical understanding of the art of the past. The Western tradition investigated, with emphasis on such art forms as sculpture, painting, and architecture. Fulfills Explorations in Fine Arts course requirements.
  • Art 212: History of Art II: Ren to Middle Ages - 3 credits, Synchronous

    A survey of Western art from the fifteenth century to the present. Investigates Renaissance, Baroque, Neoclassical, Romantic, Realist, Impressionist, and Modern masterworks in terms of their formal development and cultural context through readings, lectures, class discussions, and field trips. Special emphasis on developing skills of visual literacy and critical thinking. Fulfills Explorations in Fine Arts course requirement.
  • Art 386: Intro to 3D Modelling and Animation - 3 credits, Synchronous

    Learn how to create your own 3D characters using industry-standard software Maya and Mudbox and bring your stories and ideas to life. This course introduces students to basic concepts when working with 3D modelling in media and enterainment applications. Create 3-D still renderings and short animated sequences with life-like characters. Students' focus is on three-dimensional modeling and basic animation techniques, with an emphasis on creativity, originality and experimentation.
  • Art 495S: Internship - Art and Design - 3 credits, Internship

    On the job training/instruction occurring outside of the education institution; instructor will develop details of plan of study in conjunction with the student and provide oversight of work completed. For qualified students, Departmental Approval Required.
  • Art 671: Grad Ceramics - 3 credits, Asynchronous

    Stresses the parallel development of skills and ideas. Techniques in handbuilding and wheelthrowing are used to explore the vessel form. Open to non-art majors. Departmental approval required.