Classes are Available Online or on Campus in Washington DC

The Department of Drama, one of the oldest theatre programs in the country, enjoys a national reputation for the artistic and intellectual quality of its undergraduate and graduate programs.

Our programs are designed on the premise that theatre is a fundamental cultural necessity that enriches and is enriched by its community. The department provides prospective teachers, actors, directors, designers, playwrights and scholars with practical skills and a comprehensive understanding of theatre.

  • DR 106: Acting for Non-Majors - 3 credits, Synchronous

    This course is an introduction to an action oriented contemporary approach to acting technique. Each class will explore and expand upon our understanding of the actor's process, the world of the play, the world of the professional theatre, and the means and techniques an actor uses in order to serve the story. Each class will incorporate elements of exercise work, improvisation, script analysis, rehearsal, observation, and discussion.
  • DR 205: Introduction to Speech Communications - 3 credits (online), Asynchronous

    Theory and exercises in speech communication, emphasizing perception, language (verbal and nonverbal), and interaction. Students apply principles in a variety of transactions.  
  • DR 403: Public Speaking - 3 credits (online), Asynchronous

    An introduction ot the rhetorical types and techniques of platform speaking and to the organization of speech materials. Develops the skills needed for effective communication in public settings. Topics include speech development and structure, audience analysis, presentation techniques, and critical listening. Open to students in all disciplines. 
  • DR 425: Improvisation - 3 credits

    An exploration of the skills and tenets of improvisation. From the work of Viola Spolin and Keith Johnstone to short form and long form improvisation, students will develop skills of spontaneity, collaboration, creativity, and flexibility of thought.