Classes are Available Online or on Campus in Washington DC

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As technology advances, so does the need for ethical engineers. At The Catholic University of America School of Engineering, we bring cutting-edge research into the classroom and educate students to be principled leaders who use their skills to serve others. Our graduates go on to become the go-to solution creators and thinkers in their field: from academia to government to private business.

  • All courses are synchronous online, meaning that you always are learning in a live classroom with an instructor and other students from all over the world. We have been teaching in this modality for 5+ years (long before COVID) and have a track-record of experience and excellence.
  • Class sizes are kept small to maximize participation for each student. 
  • ENGR 202 (Engineering Mechanics: Dynamics) - 3.00 Credits, On Campus

    Kinematics and kinetics of particles and of rigid bodies in plane motion; equations of motion in various coordinate systems; integral forms, work and energy, impulse and momentum; computer simulation software.  
  • ENGR 222 (Differential Equations) - 4.0 Credits, On Campus

    Differential equations is the language of engineers and is an important tool for formulating mathematical models of physical problems encountered in everyday engineering practice. In this class, you will be taught various tools for formulating, solving, analyzing, and interpreting mathematical models of physical problems. Analysis of 1st & 2nd order differential equations using analytical, numerical, and graphical techniques will be taught. Lectures will be complemented by weekly computer laboratory sessions teaching and using Matlab for solving real-world problems in engineering.  
  • ENGR 331 (Fluid Mechanics) - 3.00 Credits, On Campus

    This course covers the basic concepts, laws, processes, and problem-solving techniques of fluid flows. It discusses fluid properties, statics, kinematics, dynamics, conservation of mass & momentum, Bernoulli's equation, potential (inviscid) flows, viscous flows, boundary layers theory, dimensional analysis, and engineering applications of internal and external flows.
  • ENGR 403 (Control Systems) - 3.00 Credits, On Campus

    This course will cover concepts related to classical system analysis and control theory, beginning with system modeling and analysis, and concluding with control design. Since most engineering disciplines take this class, we will cover electrical, mechanical, and biomedical systems.