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The Department of English at Catholic University is dedicated to the study of literature: learning its history and searching its aesthetic depths. Our faculty publish in fields ranging from Anglo-Saxon visual culture to Victorian fiction to contemporary American poetry. While our critical approaches vary widely, we share a love of literature and a dual commitment to scholarship and teaching.

Increased sensitivity to literature is inevitably accompanied by increased sensitivity to language. To bring students maximum benefit from this reciprocal growth, the department systematically cultivates their powers of written expression. Writing and learning, language and thought, are linked not only in courses explicitly devoted to composition and rhetoric but also in the core literature courses required of all English majors, where the essay becomes a principal means for exploring and developing ideas.
  • ENG 232: The History of English Literature II - 3 credits, Online

    A general survey and analysis of selected works from the beginnings of English literature to the present, delineating general historical patterns that provide a foundation for subsequent study. 231 starts with the Middle Ages and goes through the eighteenth century; 232 begins with the Romantic movement and closes with the moderns. Covers a broad range of materials, also pauses at regular intervals to consider individual works in depth.