The Catholic University of America takes special pride in our high standards for the study of the ancient languages. During the summer, we offer live, fully online courses that provide the equivalent of up to four semesters of university-level study for academic credit, in either Greek or Latin. Those with prior background can also choose advanced-level language courses.

  • Enjoy special tuition rates
  • All courses are synchronous online, meaning that you always are learning in a live classroom with an instructor and other students from all over the world. We have been teaching in this modality for 5+ years (long before COVID) and have a track-record of experience and excellence.
  • Class sizes are kept small to maximize participation for each student. 

All of our Greek and Latin summer courses are taught synchronously online, meaning that all students and the instructor are on videoconference together for the duration of each class session.

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Languages and literatures of the Christian Near East (Arabic, Armenian, Coptic, Ethiopic, Georgian, Syriac) are a focus of the Department of Semitics summer program.

The Summer 2022 Program includes introductory-level and reading-level courses in Coptic, Classical Armenian, Classical Ethiopic, and Syriac. It includes a seminar-level course in Christian Arabic texts and grammar. All Semitics Department Summer 2022 Program classes will be offered through virtual learning environments. 

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