We are grateful for your interest in studying with us this summer. There are a number of items that must be completed for you to get enrolled in your course(s) for the summer. Please read this information below carefully, and reach out to summerstudies@cua.edu if you run in to any problems. 

1) Application: After you have submitted your application as a visiting student for our Summer Sessions, your application will be reviewed by our Admissions team. For fastest processing, please attach an unofficial transcript (from your current or most recent school) to your application. Please note that your selection of course(s) of interest in the application form does not register you for these course(s).

You will receive an email notification when your admission decision has been finalized. You will need to log back in to your application and accept this offer of admission for the Summer Sessions. 

2) Registration: If you are admitted for the Summer Sessions, and after you accept your offer of admission, within 12-24 hours you will receive an email from Technology Services that contains your Catholic University Student ID number, CUA Username, and a temporary password. (Sometimes these emails go into a junk/spam folder, so please look there.) With your Username and Student ID credentials, you will be able create and/or reset your password and log in to Cardinal Students, which is our student information portal. (It is possible that there may be a short delay in your ability to access Cardinal Students for a few hours while your admission is finalized.)

In Cardinal Students, you will first need to go to the "Student Account" tile and accept the Financial Responsibility Agreement. Then, you will be able to register for your summer course(s) by clicking on the "Manage Classes" tile. For more information about Cardinal Students, please see the Cardinal Students guides for helpful tips.

3) CUA email: Please note that as a visiting student you have been given a CUA email account and access to Google G Suite apps for your coursework. This account is username@cua.edu, and it is accessible by going to gmail.com. You will need to "add an account" (don't create a new account) and log in to this account with your username@cua.edu and the password that you created for Cardinal Students. This email account is the only account that your CUA instructor will use to contact you, so please check it for all course-related communications. 

First time users sometimes need to reset their password before it will work in Gmail. If you have problems, make certain that you are logged out of all other Google accounts and then try again. Contact Technology Services for additional assistance. 

If you are having difficulty with the admissions process, please reach out to us at summerstudies@cua.edu

As a visiting student, please note the following:

  • If you fail to withdraw from any class by the published deadline dates, you will be charged full tuition and related fees, whether or not you attend the class. You can formally withdraw from the course in Cardinal Students.
  • Admission as a visiting student to Catholic University's Summer Sessions does not constitute or imply admission as a degree candidate to The Catholic University of America.
  • Any course prerequisites or permissions relevant to Catholic University students are also applicable to visiting students and subject to departmental approvals.
  • Students with disabilities are encouraged to register with Disability Support Services. The forms as well as information about the services offered are available at dss.catholic.edu