Classes are Available Online or on Campus in Washington DC

As the top-ranked Catholic school of social work in the nation, the National Catholic School of Social Service educates undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degree candidates in applying the justice and mercy of Catholic Social Doctrine for the betterment of lives across the nation and the world.

In addition to courses in social welfare, human behavior, multiculturalism, and more, Catholic University students learn to be advocates for political change and agents for the corporal works of mercy. Established in 1918, the National Catholic School of Social Service is founded on a rich, unflinching history of the pursuit of social justice for all.

SSS 655: Social Work Responses to Trauma- Intersections of Policy, Community, and Clinical Practice

Provides an overview of the experiences of trauma and the current social work interventions on micro, mezzo, and macro levels. Course content covers the range of theoretical, policy and practice issues involving a wide range of traumatic experiences such as war, sexual violence, child abuse and neglect, intimate partner violence, and elder abuse. 

 This course is offered Online (on demand 24/7, and no required meeting time or on campus presence). The certificate will start in the summer with the Trauma course.

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    Certificate in Child Protection and Safe Environment

    The Child Protection and Safe Environments certificate program is designed for students who wish to study best practices in child protection from a Catholic perspective. Graduates would be well-qualified to be diocesan Victim Assistance Coordinators or Safe Environment Coordinators after its completion. Learn More