Application Procedures

  • I am a Catholic University student. Do I need to fill out an application?

    No. Once you select your courses, register online at Cardinal Station. As a Catholic University student you are responsible for meeting with your academic dean or advisor prior to registering. For more specific details, please visit the Admissions and Registration page
  • I'm a CUA student, what is my registration appointment time?

    Since we have an open enrollment policy during the summer, there are no registration appointment times. All Catholic University and matriculated non-Catholic University students may register starting March 15th.

  • Can visiting non-Catholic University students take Catholic University classes?

    Absolutely. Enrollment is open to undergraduate and graduate students in good academic standing at other colleges and universities. For specific details on applying to Catholic University for summer courses, please visit the Admissions and Registration page.

  • Will my summer class credits transfer to my home school if I am not a Catholic University student?

    You are encouraged to obtain the written permission of your dean or academic adviser to ensure that the credits earned at The Catholic University of America may be transferred as you intended. 

  • Is there an application process for visiting students?

    Yes. Please visit our admission and registration page for details.

  • Is there a deadline for applying?

    We encourage that you submit your application as soon as possible as some courses may fill up with students. 

  • Is there an application fee for Summer Sessions?

    Yes. There is a required non-refundable, $25 application fee. Payment must be made with submission of the application.

  • Do I need to submit a transcript with my application?

    For specific admissions requirements, please visit our admissions and registration page.

Dynamically Dated Course

  • What is Session DD?

    Session DD stands for Dynamically Dated course. These are special scheduled classes that have start and end dates that do not conform to our structured 15, 16, 25, and 26 sessions. Academic calendar deadlines are calculated for each dynamically dated session class. If you are enrolled in a DD class, you can view Cardinal Station by selecting the Academic Calendar icon to the left of the class listing in the Schedule of Classes.

Course Selection and Transferring

  • What courses are you offering this summer?

    We are glad you asked! You can expect to find a wide variety of classes. For the complete list, please visit the Course Offerings page.

  • How do I add, drop or change my courses?

    Students may add or drop a course by published deadlines of a given session. Learn more here at Enrollment Services. You must drop the course via Cardinal Station ( Non-attendance does not constitute withdrawal. 

  • Can I audit instead of taking the course for credit?

    Both Catholic University and visiting students can audit courses offered during the summer in consultation with individual departments and professors. Those auditing a course will receive the same tuition charges as those taking the course for credit. 


  • Will Catholic University's summer course apply toward my degree?

    Students are urged to obtain written permission of their dean or academic adviser to ensure that the credits earned at The Catholic University of America may be transferred as they intended. The Catholic University of America is accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Universities. All summer courses meet or exceed Middle States' standards for contact hours.


  • How do I transfer the credits once I complete the course?

    Your dean will most likely need an official copy of your Catholic University transcript with your final grade. The Office of Enrollment Services processes Transcript Requests. There is no separate transcript fee. To obtain a syllabus for a specific course, contact the individual department in which the course is offered.

Financial Matters

  • How do I pay?

    For financial policies and responsibilities, please contact the Office of Enrollment Services, 202-319-5300 or 800-787-0242 (toll free) or email

    The Catholic University of America
    Office of Enrollment Services
    620 Michigan Ave, NE
    W200 Fr. O'Connell Hall
    Washington, DC 20064 

  • How does Catholic University's summer tuition compare to other schools?

    Among private institutions in Washington, D.C., Catholic University's summer tuition is quite competitive! For full tuition and fee information, please visit the cost page.

Student Services

  • Do you have on-campus housing?

    We provide a variety of housing options during the summer with possible discounts of 30% to 50% for enrolled students. For more information about housing, please contact the Office of Housing Services at 202-319-5615 or visit the Summer Housing page. 

    Summer interns or others visiting the area for educational purposes, like iinternships, co-ops, research and educational study, please visit Summer Intern Housing. For further information, please contact the Office of Events and Conferences Services at 202-319-5291.

  • Is there a place to eat on campus in the summer?

    Dining Services at Catholic University provides a variety of options during the summer months. The Starbucks Cafe, the Student Restaurant and P.O.D. Market are all open during the summer. All operations are centrally located in the Edward J. Pryzbyla Center. Summer Meal Plans are available to any summer student or intern. For a complete list of summer meal plans and hours, please visit the Dining website.