At the Busch School of Business, our faculty are leading the way to the renewal of economic life by their scholarship and teaching about the role of creativity, free markets, and virtuous collaboration in successful business endeavors. Our classes prepare students for a successful career in business and to find greater meaning in life. Our goal is to transform the world of business into a force for good.

Elevate your academic journey this summer with our selection of popular courses. We offer a variety of classes designed to cater to your diverse interests and goals. Whether you're looking to accelerate your degree, explore new subjects, or catch up on prerequisites, our summer sessions courses are the perfect choice.

When applying, Summer Session applicants should choose that they are "Non-Degree Seeking," and complete the application. Enrolling in our summer courses is a straightforward process:

  • Browse our course catalog to discover the courses that align with your academic goals or explore our featured courses below.
  • Review course details, including professors, schedule, and modality.
  • Register for your chosen course(s) through our online portal.